Services offered are individual, couples, and marriage counseling.

Louis works with depression, panic disorder, career issues, work conflicts, sexual dysfunction, co-dependent issues, parenting training, spiritual concerns, women’s and men’s issues, and phobias. He collaborates with most local primary care doctors, and when needed, refers to a local psychiatrist with extensive experience. Lou sees clients ages 20 to 75.

Appointments may be conducted in person or virtually.

Services Offered

July 26, 2018
Five stars

“My counseling experience with Louis Baldino has been outstanding! He is consistently empathetic, a good listener, and he offers realistic strategies to cope with difficult situations. Louis also has a great sense of humor, for the times when you just need to laugh rather than cry. It was through Louis Baldino and his counseling sessions that have made me the empowered person I am today. I highly recommend Louis as the counselor to call when life happens and you need professional advice, or you’re tired of burning your friends out with the same old story.

Louis will provide you with thought provoking ideas and solutions to deal with those challenging times we all face at some point in our life.”   - Anne

- Aoki + barry

Not only do we have photos but our memories are art. She captured everything brilliantly!

- Watson + Peter

So many beautiful pictures to choose from to hang up on the wall. Thank you so much Pearl!

What past clients have to say

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow.
                                    The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."                                   
        - Abraham Lincoln